On Jan 4 I had my left eye vitrectomy performed by Dr. Michael Wells at The Ohio State University Medical Center. Dr. Wells and his staff were not just experts in their field, but also were amazing people to interact with. He was able to clear my left eye of all the old blood and my vision is on it's way to full restoration! As a byproduct of this event, I was able to procure a few images from Dr. Wells clinic of the inside of my eye after a Flouroscine dye injection. You can see the blood vessels and the affected veins that are leaking plasma into the eye. They are some of the most beautiful photos I have ever seen. In image #1 the vasular system of the eye almost seems to expand into the abyss and looks like a universe being born. The second image shows in more detail the leakage of the blood vessels and the problem areas that were repaired by Dr. Wells during surgery. 

So enough with the talk, lets see the images!