I remember when I was young, the world seemed so awesome! I can remember going shopping with my mom at Woolworth's around Christmas and being so excited to see the displays and to be around all of the happy people ho were merrily shopping for Christmas gifts. Fast forward to today, where fighting breaks out at Walmart stores every year on black Friday. I don't understand when things started going downward, but I don't even enjoy the holidays anymore because everyone I know is trying as hard as they can to be miserable, and make everyone around them miserable (with the exception of my wife) and the whole point of the holidays has been destroyed in a bid for who can receive the most stuff. Family's can't even spend time with each other anymore because of the distractions like Facebook, YouTube, satellite TV, sporting events, having to visit 50 people to make everyone happy, etc. Can't we just go back to everyone going to grandmas house on Christmas eve, then having Christmas with your family, alone, without distractions, except the radio playing holiday tunes of course, and see what we are all missing? It's our own choices that are making the holidays more and more a commercial project than a true time of peace and love.