Hey everyone... just a short message to say I am fighting hard. Things are going better at Moffitt and I am focusing on just getting better and eating, getting fluids balanced and getting healthier. Thanks for everyone's love and support. Everything you are doing to help us is overwhelming and I can't tell you how much we appreciate the prayers, thoughts, and energy. I miss seeing everyone, it's lonely in here sometimes, and the best thing to do is just stay positive and that's what I'm trying to do. Brook is always here to help and my three little babies are always a heavy motivation. I can't tell you what it's like to miss your kids so much, but I know once this transplant, and all related viruses are resolved, I will be able to see them and play with them like a healthy dad should. 

I just want to say how much we really still need to the support of all our friends, family, and those in our circle of love, the geeks and the planners and designers and all of us guys and gals who love the tech! Thank you so much for anything and everything you are, and have been doing to help us. It's really rough sometimes, and thanks for letting us know we have your love and support. I hope to see all you guys and gals someday soon. Another Harry Brelsford bash in the future I'm sure! I love all you guys and gals. I'm keeping the fight on. Thanks for everything and for the great minds I have had the pleasure to meet and hope to meet someday soon. 

Here's the medical scoop:

Transplant is now fully engrafted.
Fighting off Virus HPPV6 and BK. Dr's are giving me the strongest antibiotics on the planet I'm sure, but these viruses are rough to fight. It's a daily struggle, but it's going to be worth it someday.I just know it. 

Thank you to my bone marrow donor, wherever you are. Thank you to my friends, and to everyone who is , and or will, help us, and I hope everyone has a great week.