Total Body Radiation was an interesting experience. The machine was massive but because the Radiologist Team needed full body treatment Jeremiah was placed roughly three yards away. He went through twenty minutes on each side excluding his head and legs. The mucositus has already started to bother him so hopefully that is a good sign that the radiation did it's job. Transplant in T-minus six hours. More to come! Please keep your thoughts and prayers with him through the night.
Today is the last day for Chemotherapy and Jeremiah's TBI(total body radiation) session. So far he has been doing really well. It is difficult to get any sleep in a hospital but even with that working against him he is a trooper. He is still eating which is a wonderful thing while going through this process. Jeremiah is such an inspiration and constant source of perspective.

Friday is day 0 and transplant day. That's when all the fun will begin.
Today I get my Hickman Triple Lumen central line placed because I start Chemo this Sunday Nov 4, 2012. Wish me luck!