Hello everyone!

My apologies for not posting anything for such an extended period, but I was a bit pre-occupied in the hospital.

So here's a re-cap:

After going through Chemo and full body Radiation, the donor was able to give his bone marrow, and it arrived successfully at Moffitt Comprehensive Cancer Center on Nov 10'th at 3:30am. The process lasted approx. 3 hours.

I received the transplant - So far everything is going well. My counts are slowly coming up and everything looks like it's heading in the right direction.

Right now I am on a 100 Day hiatus that I must e very careful and mostly stay inside away from people. My white blood counts have not risen enough yet for me to be around the public without wearing a mask, and honestly, to me, it's not worth getting sick by going out. So I am spending a lot of time with Brook trying to rebuild my muscle tone and get my lung capacity back to normal. Nothing like being in the hospital to steal your body from you. I've lost about 35 lbs and look like an alien, but it will start rebuilding as my appetite and activity level rises. Lord know's Brook is cooking enough food for me :-).

I'm going to make a video to post sometime tomorrow and I'l post it up. I'll have Brook join me so she can fill in anything I can't recall right now. Med Head is the worst!

Until then, thanks to everyone for their love and support. Our batlte is not over, so your continued support is invaluable. Good night my friends!