Ever since my ATG Cyclosporine therapy in 1999 when my treatment nurse accidentally overdosed me on Prednisone Steroids (Gave me 1000 mg over 1 hour instead of 100 mg over 10 hours) I developed Avascular Necrosis in both my hips, and also had some cirrhosis in my liver. In order to be cleared for transplant, all my organs needed to be checked for fitness. 

Today in the time just after noon, a surgeon entered my neck and ran a probe down into my jugular and then into the main artery headed to my liver. Once in the liver they performed a biopsy from different locations in the liver, and then closed me up. 

GOOD News! My liver cirrhosis that I have been living with for over 10 years now, was not present in any of the liver biopsy samples. Thank you Juice Plus for that win!

My liver is now cleared and we can proceed testing the rest of my organs!

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